Building a better power grid one city at a time



A bold new framework

While some analysts paint a bleak picture for the very future of the utilities, others see opportunities for utilities to embrace the challenges and transition to more responsive and adaptive business models.

We believe that utilities are in a position to leverage their traditional experience, built infrastructure and unique relationships with their customers to build out more efficient systems and programs to provide more customized products and services.

Severe weather events combined with aging infrastructure have exposed critical flaws in our electrical systems. It has left many utility executives uncertain about how to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies, and the increasingly complex challenges facing their industry.

Infrastructure Energy enables the full-scale deployment of wholly functioning and nested utility distribution microgrids (UDM), maximizing benefits to utilities and their customers, and it does so at a scale that can be financed in a single close.

Infrastructure Energy ’s project development process includes cost/benefit analysis, public-private project financing, regulatory and contractual support, selection of technology partners, and customer engagement support.

Current Projects

Infrastructure Energy is currently active in several major energy infrastructure modernizing efforts in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Notably, we recently completed the first phase of a grid modernization project for a medium sized city in northern Ontario, and are presently carrying out a study for a community-scale microgrids in several cities in the Northeastern United States.

Microgrids and Utility Distributed Microgrids (UDMs) could provide an avenue for utilities to stay relevant as these institutional players try to reinvent themselves.

The future could literally be “do or die” for utilities, and the microgrid could figure prominently in this transformation.
— Peter Asmus, Navigant Research

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