Infrastructure Energy creates microgrid projects with local communities. Resilient, reliable, and clean.

We bring energy technologies, project financing and local community to the table. These three interlocking disciplines are integrated by our team, and brought to life over the development period, through which we engage with all community stakeholders in meaningful dialogue around how energy is generated, stored and used by citizens.

Microgrid Technologies
We are partnered with Black & Veatch and rely upon their expertise in the technologies of smart cities and microgrids to engineer, procure and construct (EPC) our community scale microgrid projects in North America. These technologies include distribution management systems (DMS); distribution automation (DA); voltage and volt-ampere reactivity (VAR) optimization; advanced metering infrastructure (AMI); distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar, biomass and wind; energy storage; and electric vehicle.

Project Financing
We have also partnered with Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners (SPIP) on a joint-venture project financing platform called the North American Grid Modernization Fund that is focused on investing in utility infrastructure under the public-private partnership (P3) model.

Local Community
We work closely with communities to support local makers and local farmers in alignment with our ideals of promoting local power. Strong local economies are more resilient and support a higher quality of life.

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